Bread Machine Cost Analysis

One question a lot of people ask when contemplating buying a bread machine is whether or not it would be worth getting cost-wise. Here, I would like to show an approximate cost analysis of getting and using a bread machine to help you make that decision.

First off, there is the cost of the bread machine itself. Right now, bread machines are priced from about $45 to about $300.

Now, let’s figure out how much a loaf of bread would cost if made with a bread machine. This will be a somewhat rough estimate because there are many factors:

  • Size of bread loaf
  • Type of bread/recipe used
  • Brand of ingredients
  • Where/what store the ingredients are bought from
  • Cost of water
  • Cost of electricity
  • Time and labor

Here is an example of the cost of a bread loaf:

White Bread Cost Breakdown

IngredientsAmount NeededCost/UnitUnitConvert UnitCost/Amount Needed (rounded up)
Butter4 tsp$4.541 lb96 tsp/lb$0.19
Sugar2 Tbsp$5.6810 lb32 Tbsp/lb$0.04
Dry Milk Powder4 tsp$9.9832 oz6 tsp/oz$0.21
Salt2 tsp$2.3426 oz6 tsp/oz$0.03
Bread Flour4 cups$3.225 lb3.57 cups/lb$0.69
Yeast2 tsp$4.784 oz6 tsp/oz$0.40
This is an approximate breakdown of the costs to make a 2 pound, white bread loaf using a bread machine. I used the ingredients and prices from my local grocery store.


I also looked up how much it would cost to buy a loaf of white bread from the store. A 16 oz Pepperidge Farm Original White Bread cost $3.49 each. Remember, 16 oz is only 1 lb. So 2 lb. of this store-bought white bread would be $6.98.

You would be saving $5.42 per 2 lb. of white bread by using your bread machine.

Let’s say you buy a bread machine for $100. You would cover the costs for that bread machine after baking 19 2-lb. white bread loaves. I would say that’s a pretty good deal!